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Configuring and experiencing windows in augmented reality is now easier than ever:
Get started with our smart composer and design your projects.

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Design your windows -
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Visiting showrooms and poring over brochures is now a thing of the past — as is the time-consuming and nerve-wracking check of a ten-page sales offer in technical jargon. With fenzta HOME, we want to offer you a new, and above all, contemporary solution. All you need is a tablet or smartphone: with the camera aligned, your configured window is positioned at the desired location within your own four walls — and can thus be seen and experienced on the screen in augmented reality. Based on the data you have configured, a provider can then offer suitable products.

One app, one aim: to offer you a new kind of window configuration through augmented reality.

Become active and open up access to your digital window configuration.

Augmented Reality

We open up a new world for the viewer by augmenting his reality with digital elements

Wide range of design options

Thanks to an extensive configuration scope, all common design types of the window market are represented

Order and quotation feature (Coming Soon)

We are the only solution so far that enables communication between sales and end customers

Smart composer for windows that can be experienced

The app with added value

The kitchen, bathroom or living room furnishings enjoy a high priority when investing within the own home. At the same time, experience shows that when buying new windows, customers are often only concerned with superficial aspects such as the frame material, double or triple glazing and the price. Since windows are only replaced every 40 years on average, this can be fatal: If the customer forgets something important when buying a new one or saves in the wrong place, the consequences often become noticeable long after the window purchase. This is where the fenzta HOME app comes in.

Win-win situation for customers and suppliers - fenzta makes it possible

As a digital interface, the fenzta HOME app focuses on an active dialog between supplier and customer. It enables the salesperson or consultant to efficiently and actively organise the often time-consuming exchange. At the same time, the customer experiences a high level of satisfaction because he or she is involved step by step in the planning and design process. In this way, suppliers can continue to coordinate all important aspects with customers on site or leave the location-independent design and configuration with the app to them. In this way, they are well prepared for the discussion with the specialist.

Win WIn
Impression Nürnberg

Our booth at Fensterbau Frontale

From July 12-15, our highly motivated team was to be found at the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair in Nuremberg. After a long time of preparation, programming and market research we are happy about the great success and the since then concrete, regular exchange with the users in the sense of a continuous product optimization.

A few impressions from the exhibition in Nuremberg

Eindrücke aus der Messe in Nürnberg Bild 1Eindrücke aus der Messe in Nürnberg Bild 2Eindrücke aus der Messe in Nürnberg Bild 3

Compose your windows: How it works!